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Different organizations perform creditably in the redistribution of resources. However, most of them attempt to solve local problems with generalized international instruments and often fail to penetrate rural barriers and mobilize potential development initiatives.

Sometimes, problems not relevant to a particular need are solved, but the solution may not contribute significantly to development. Therefore poverty persists despite huge expenditure, continual resource allocation, and genuine efforts to eradicate it.

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UAI has since its inception in 2001 operated in Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Lagos, and Rivers State. In all our projects we have remained committed to our mandate- adding value to the lives of the needy.

In line with the goals of Nigeria’s NEEDS (National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy) and Vision 2020, we have touched the lives of those whom we have come in contact with, created opportunities and entrepreneurial communities that strive for excellence. Indeed, we are contributing towards meeting our goal – an eventual breakaway of the masses From Poverty to Wealth.

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UAI has been involved in entrepreneurship training/skill acquisition programmes, research and development since 2001. Particularly, in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Centre/Central Bank of Nigeria (EDC/CBN) Southeast, Onitsha, it has successfully executed the following Entrepreneurship Training Programmes in the following communities:


The Promoter has successfully created Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in all of the communities listed above, notably:

  • NETANGO (Network of all Abor NGOs) at Abor, Enugu State.
  • SODSA (Society for Development and Sustainability in Africa)
  • JAFAC Foundation at Orlu, Imo State. Visit www.jafacfoundation.org
  • UniMkar (University of Mkar, Benue State). Visit: www.unimkar.edu.ng.
  • Onitsha Community