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For a poverty-free, fairer & more inclusive world.

United Aid International

United Aid International (UAI) is a charitable non-profit organization founded in 2001. We are poised to lift women,  youths, orphaned children, underprivileged people and rural dwellers from the dolefulness of abject poverty. We plan to achieve this through efforts at grassroots to catalyze development.

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Committed to improving lives, alleviating poverty and increasing standard of living through education, entrepreneurship, and inclusion efforts.

Our activities are centered on three major focal points:

  • Education and Entrepreneurship
  • Human rights
  • Poverty reduction, rural inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

UAI is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a Non-governmental organization with registration No:  RC 14606.

Vision & Mission

We envision to be world-class organization that is leading in effectiveness, impact and scale in championing poverty-free and fairer world in Africa.


To be the leading pan-African organization responsible for improving lives, alleviating poverty and increasing standard of living in through education, entrepreneurship, and inclusion efforts.

To champion excellence, effectiveness, and impact in the promotion of human rights, gender balance, youth, women, and children inclusion, and achieving a fairer world for all through economic empowerment.


United Aid International was founded by Prof Alex Ikeme. The organization took off informally with people (especially women) from the founder’s community constantly coming to him for financial help to solve pressing family needs.

Then the founder realized that the model of giving money was not sustainable due to the number of people who needed help and that many people who earlier received help are in still need. Then he decided to start training them in trade, farming and vocational skills to realize financial independence. Following the overwhelming responses from beneficiaries and also supports from other financial benefactors, the initiative in 2001 culminated to an organization known as United Aid International.

The original focus of the United Aid International was to achieve poverty alleviation through women empowerment and rural development. Today, United Aid International has evolved to not just focus on women alone but youths, children, the marginalized and rural populations (rural villages and risk areas).

The scope of operation of the organization has since metamorphosed from rural development and women empowerment to human rights, peer training and welfare, entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, vocational education, poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.

Our Principles

Our Programmes

Our activities are centred on 3 major focal points:

Entrepreneurship Education & Funding

Human Rights Promotion & Inclusion

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Empowerment

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